Client And Task Tracking System

We designed our web-based Client and Task Tracking System (CATTS) under the same premise as our industry acclaimed web-based Document Generation & Management (DGEM) System with a heavy focus on the integration of plan document and 5500 data stored in the DGEM system. This “real-time” data flow allows you and your staff the ability to see an up-to-date and comprehensive picture of your clients, contacts and plan information.

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Special Features

At a glance views of your filing deadlines, events, tasks and staff schedules.All in one place – clients, cases & contacts.
Produce a variety of prepared reports or create custom reports.

Keep track of projects and tasks by client and by administrator.

Manage case projects and their associated tasks by using project templates or creating your own custom templates.

Create unlimited custom fields!
Find cases based on the plan spec criteria you specify.Query sub-sets of clients, for example:
based on plan year end or safe harbor status.

CATTS is integrated with ASC’s Plan Documents, 5500 and DC/401(k) Systems!
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